5 Tips for a Successfull Online Shopping @ Shein

Happy Sunday everybody!!! It has been a while since the last post so I couldn’t find a better way to come back than with a post with my 5 tips to shop online @ Shein (not sponsored!).

If you follow my Instagram account, you must noticed that I have a lot of clothes from Shein. They are actually my safe choice when I have limited budget but still want to buy trendy pieces. 

Now, to be very honest with you not all the time I was satisfied when I received my shopping, I have experienced all types of disappointment: clothes too small, clothes too large, very low quality fabric, different color versus the picture in the web, etc! And remember that I live in Panama City, returns are not an option for me!! So today I want to share with you my secrets to buy at Shein and get 100% satisfaction.

1. Look measures not sizes

One of the first mistakes I made was to buy based on the size. I know that it sounds the most intuitive thing to do but my friends this is not true at Shein. I have bought XS clothes that could have a L tag and nobody would notice the difference or the opposite, bought a S sweater that fits only a 12 year old girl. It was extremely dissapointing, literaly throw money to the toilet. But when I was about to give up I discovered that putting the mouse over the size you get the measures (like the picture below)!!! This was the best finding ever!!! 

If you dont know your measures dont worry you can get them very easily! You have two options: a) take your own measures with a measuring tape or b) enter to your favorite store web page and go to the size charts, once there check the measures of your regular size.

2. Check Ratings & Reviews

This one has been a life saver! Several times I was about to buy something until I read the reviews … and for my surprise most of them were negative!! Now… you will find all kind of reviews and not necessarily all of them are useful, but if you find something related to fabric quality, major differences versus what it’s showed in the web or issues after laundry… stand up and close your laptop, buy that piece would be a huge mistake.

3. Find inspiration at the Style Gallery 

I love to see how the clothes I am planning to buy looks like in a “real” body. This helps me to imagine how it would look on me. For that I always start my shopping checking the Style Gallery. Most of these pictures are from fashion bloggers so you also get inspiration of how to style the clothes.

4. Always look for discounts

Most of the time Shein has extra discounts. So you have to look carefully in the top of the home page or the first picture that would appear when enter to the web. This is an extra saving you dont want to miss.

5. Plan ahead, shipping takes a while

If you want a dress for the nex day forget it Shein it’s not for you. In my experience it takes around 10 business day until you can enjoy your shopping. It is longer than the average but the savings worth the wait!

Hope these tips help you to have a pleasent and fun shopping experience at Shein.com 

I leave you with the pictures of one of the latest dress I bought there! 

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Crochet All Over The Place

Happy Tuesday!! And happy… August? Seriously, time is flying so fast I start feeling that Christmas is around the corner!!

I have received tons of questions regarding the crochet skirt featured some days ago on my Instagram account. I have to tell you guys this is the most versatile piece in my closet!! I have used it at office and in the beach the same week, talking about simplicity!!! For crochet I recommend you to go basic and choose nude tones because they will be easier to match with other colors and prints. For a more formal look I like to match it with a white top or a baby blue blouse. Add some statement necklace and you will have a gorgeous outfit without any effort!

My skirt is an old Forever21 number but I am linking very similar styles so you can run and shop!!!!

Skirt: Forever21 (similar style: here and here) | Top: Massimo Dutti | Shoes: Steve Madden | Necklace: Stradivarus


Thanks for stopping by!!

Love, Truelany

Summer Trend | Ruffles for the Win

Happy Friday!!! Hope you are ready to enjoy the weekend!!!

When it comes to adopt new trends I am kind of picky. I have learned in a bad way that not all the trends are for me therefore when I find a trend that fits with my style I try to incorporate it in almost all the items on my closet. That happened to me with the ruffles. I have to be very honest with you guys, at the beginning I was not sure about this summer trend. I though it was going to make me look too girly or like a child (remember that I am not that tall!). However I gave it a try… and oh my gosh  I luckily did it because now I want ruffles everywhere!!

One tip, if you are a petite size like me choose small ruffles because in that way you are not going to look “eaten” by your clothes.


Top: Zara (similar style here, here and here) | Jean: Shein | Shoes: Steve Madden


Let me know what you think about the look. Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Truelany



Pinch me please!! Blog is finally live!! You can’t imagine how long I have dreamed about this moment!! I am so excited that I don’t want to bother you with so many words… let’s go directly to what it really matters: STYLE!!


 Dress: Zara (similar style herehere and here)| Wedges: BBB (similar style here) | Bag: Old (similar style here)


Off shoulder dresses have become my obsession lately! They are so versatile that I use them to go everywhere, from grocery store to a date night with the hubby. With only changing the accessories you will have outfits for every moment. So if you want an outfit for the evening just combine it with an ankle strap sandals and an statement clutch. I promise… you will look gorgeous!!

For a casual outfit I love to combine the off shoulder dress with wedges and a crossbody bag. You can use this outfit for a brunch, a coffee with friends, a barbecue, etc, etc, etc.

In this post I am wearing a dress from Zara; I saw it at the store at the beginning of the season and it was love at first sight. The design is so cute and the detail in the back is everything!! I am not lying if I say that I have used it almost every weekend!!

Hope you enjoyed this first post! Thanks for stopping by!!

Love, Truelany


Photos by: Elvan Bayhan